My Eager Expectation and Hope: Honoring Christ in Death

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Pastor Ben Duncan Series: Philippians: On Mission For Christ, Together

Scripture: Philippians 1:18–1:26

For many, death is synonymous with loss and is therefore to be avoided at all costs. When death is inevitable or imminent, the best many can hope for is the courage to maintain Stoic composure as they die. In stark contrast, Christians have historically been known as people who die well. For the Christian, death is not the end, but is instead passing into life. The beauty of the Gospel is that in Christ we have the confidence and hope to honor him in our death. In this message we consider how we are able to honor Christ in death, and we provide some suggestions for cultivating a love of Christ that enables us to say, along with Paul, that for us, to die is gain!

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