Children's Choir

Every Wednesday until December 6, 2017

6:00pm – 6:50pm

Location: 1032 Macland Road, Dallas, GA 30132

Coordinator: Candy Still

All children of Grace Covenant Church in grades 1-5 are welcome to join the Grace Covenant Children's Choir. Please read the policy below and click on this link to sign your child up. You will need to fill out the form separately for each child.


ATTENDANCE POLICY: To preserve and protect the integrity of each choir as a viable ensemble, participants will be accountable for their attendance at rehearsals. 

  • Choir members are expected to attend all rehearsals, except in the event of personal illness or family emergency. Parents of choir members are expected to communicate such events to the director in advance when possible. 
  • Choir members who miss more than 25% of the rehearsals during a given semester for any reason will be at risk of exclusion from musical presentations during corporate worship services or at other public venues. Each situation will be reviewed by the director on a case-by-case basis, giving each choir member prayerful consideration based on participation in rehearsals, contribution to the choir during rehearsals, and personal conduct during rehearsals.

BEHAVIOR POLICY: Children and their parents rightfully expect a choir experience to be fun, exciting and entertaining. In order to meet these expectations while providing quality musical training, it is important to preserve and protect the integrity of each choir and rehearsal. Participants will be accountable for their behavior during each rehearsal and public presentation according to the following: 

  • Choir members are expected to conduct themselves according to Biblical truths and in a manner that will bring honor to their families and glory to God. 
  • Choir members who choose to disrupt rehearsal, or who choose to be disrespectful to choir staff and fellow participants, will be removed from the rehearsal by a parent volunteer and will be counseled by the director and the volunteer at the conclusion of the rehearsal. In order to allow parents to shape the behavior of their own children, the director will notify the parents of any disruptive participant [Ephesians 6:4].


  • I hereby release Grace Covenant Church, its staff, volunteers, and its members from legal liability for any injury or loss of property my child may sustain or incur while participating in Grace Covenant's Choir program.  
  • If I or other designated emergency contact am not able to be reached, I hereby grant permission for the church staff or adult volunteer(s) supervising my child to obtain any medical care or treatment they believe is necessary. 
  • I recognize that photos/videos taken during church sponsored activities, programs, or events may be posted on church social media or used in church publications, but without any personal identifying information attributed to anyone in the image(s) unless permission is expressly sought and given.

You can download these policies here.

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