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Happy Father's Day

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In the West, fatherhood has fallen on hard-times. Long gone are the days in which dads were held in esteem by our culture. Television shows with titles like “Father Knows Best” and others in which the father was a wise, trusted counselor have been replaced with shows that portray that man as a kind-hearted, humorous, irresponsible imbecile while the wife is the wise and sensible one. In our day, any time a man attempts to lead his family he does so knowing that the entire weight and momentum of our culture is against him.

Yet in the face of cultural opposition our fathers faithfully put their shoulder to the plow and press on. That’s what a good man does. Men – I know that being a godly man in our day is extremely difficult. Many of you feel discouraged that the “You Go, Girl!” crowd has made it seemingly impossible to provide for and lead your family in a God-honoring way. Yet the example you set in persevering in the face of difficulty and resistance is part and parcel of the essence of biblical manhood.

As you are aware, God reveals himself to us in masculine terms. Specifically, as Father. The word is a reminder that he is our source of life (Deut 32:6), our authority (Heb 12:5-6), our savior (Isa 63:16), our protector (Ps 68:5-6), our provider (Matt 6:26), and our exemplar (Matt 5:48). In short, the language of God’s fatherhood calls us to emulate him in faithfully, consistently, and persistently giving ourselves in service and dedication to our family.

Modeling God’s own characteristics, when we speak of the man being the “head” of the home, we understand that “headship” is a position of responsibility rather than privilege.

And so, fathers – we thank you for working hard to provide for your family. We applaud your commitment to ensuring that your children are raised knowing the fear and admonition of the Lord. You are not a mother, so you don’t communicate or demonstrate love in the same way as a mother – and that’s good – we are grateful that with a fatherly love you help your children to grow up into adults ready to impact their own families.

Please know that your hard work is not in vain. Your impact on your children is incredibly profound, so much so that all studies reveal the shocking and horrific statistical effects of the absence of a father in the home. We commend you for taking your role seriously. Your children may never know the extent of your sacrifices for them, and it may be many years before they understand the weight of responsibility that you feel as you consider the good of your family. But understand that the example you set for your sons and daughters, what you invest in them relationally, will be remembered and will set them on a trajectory for the rest of their lives… and understand that our great God, our Father, is with you.

Dads, this Father’s Day we salute you! May our Lord give you the wisdom, courage and strength you need to be and do all to which he has called you. We are counting on you, and by God’s grace we are confident in you!

For a humorous reminder of the things your children will – and won’t – remember, we dedicate this video to you:

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Blessings, Pastor Ben


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